Our Company


Our Mission

Convergence Solutions, Inc. represents more than merely converging voice and data networks.

It represents the converging of personal and work lives in a more harmonious balance. By leveraging technology, we aspire to create a simplified, yet higher quality of life for all who come in contact with our company. We will carefully choose manufacturers and employees that align with our mission and core values so that we can better serve our customers, community, country, and world.


Based on a clear mission statement and strong core values, Convergence Solutions, Inc has become a trusted source of information, reliable communications equipment, and outstanding customer service for many small to large sized businesses all across the United States.

Our History

Optimizing enterprises (and lives) since 1996!

Convergence Solutions, Inc. was formed in 1996 and incorporated in 2003 when our founder realized how much advances in converged networks and VoIP could positively impact businesses and lives. The company has seen steady growth by consistently exceeding its customer’s expectations.


"Having been in the telephony industry for almost 30 years and had noticed significant breakthroughs in VoIP and web based technologies. We identified how these breakthroughs could allow businesses to communicate more efficiently, with more freedom to work whenever and wherever, all with less monthly recurring costs. This was the inspiration to form Convergence Solutions, Inc. Not only could we take more control over our own lives but we could help others do the same. We went to work creating a company that we would be proud to work for, one with integrity, a leader in the industry. I still get excited every time one of our customers tells us that they were able to stay home to care for a sick child or elderly parent and still get their work done because of their Aruba network or IP phone, or that they were still able to make that important meeting, give their presentation, and share necessary data using their Lifesize Video Conferencing equipment. Or when a customer shares how they were able to keep their business up and running, seamlessly serving their customers via remote employees using IP phones despite the rest of the state being shut down and unable to get into the office due to a blizzard. It is stories like these that let us know we are successfully reaching our mission, we are making a difference."


Steve Solton

Founder and President of Convergence Solutions Inc


Core Values

Optimize (verb) – to render as effective as possible.
Our Mission is to render services to businesses that will make them as effective as possible.


We will do this by valuing:


O Old Fashioned Customer Service ~ We will exceed our customer's expectations.

P Passion ~ We believe in an unquenchable thirst for learning. We will support this passion for learning with our staff and our customers.  We will passionately serve our customers and our community.  We will offer all nonprofit agencies discounts, and will donate equipment and service to select nonprofits when we can.

T Teamwork ~ We will work as a team so that we can accomplish our mission.

I Individual ~ We will recognize each customer as an individual with unique needs.  We will value our staff as individuals and insist they maintain a healthy balance of work and personal life.

M Monetary Management ~ We believe in the conservation of the company’s resources. We will make responsible financial decisions with the future of our company in mind, as well as providing our customers with the information and tools they need to make wise financial and investment decisions too.

I Integrity ~ We will deal with every business transaction and decision with honesty and integrity.  Our goal is to always provide complete and accurate information.  We strive to maintain our status as a knowledgeable source of information in our industry.

Z Zeal ~ We will face each new day and project with determination & enthusiasm.

E Ethics ~ Bottom line ~ at the end of the day, we will be able to say we are an ethical* company.

*Ethical(adj) correct, decent, fair, good, honest, honorable, just, principled, proper, upright, virtuous.