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Integrated Video Conferencing Solutions for Collaborating Easily with Anyone, Anywhere

A few years ago, if you wanted to collaborate with a major stakeholder in your business network, you needed to buy a plane ticket, hotel, and rental car. You also needed to schedule meetings weeks in advance.

Now you can gather clients, vendors, sales and service agents, and contractors from anywhere in the world into your conference room within minutes and at virtually no cost.

Crazy, right? Just take a moment and consider how much converging communications technologies have leveled the playing field, empowering small and mid-sized companies to compete with the big dogs. Anyone with a business-grade communications solution can:

  • Take advantage of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) to deliver work at one-third the US asking price
  • Deliver flawless sales presentations to any location in the world
  • Collaborate with highly specialized contractors
  • Coordinate multi-location businesses to connect your most valuable human resources
  • (Your next big idea goes here)

Crafting a Business-Grade Omnichannel Conferencing Solution

To date, the biggest hurdle between businesses and these previously lofty goals has been the opportunity to create a business-grade conferencing solution. Opportunity is such an interesting word. It means available to some but not all, and usually not very many.

Use of this word is even more interesting when we look into the market and see free web conferencing solutions abundantly available. Some of these will even scale to more robust service offerings, but how many small and mid-sized businesses have the opportunity to deploy these in a meaningful way? Not many.

How to tell if your conferencing solution really works

Can we just buy a subscription to Zoom and call it a day? Can we bring our laptops into the conference room and use Skype? OK, we have an angry client with a pressing issue, and our team of five lawyers is currently spread across our locations in Denver, LA and Dallas. How can we get everybody to the table right now?!

With communications converging and abundant, it is difficult to see the inadequacy of the current system simply because it works for what it was designed to do. But… the vision of the designer was limited.

Four signs your conference room needs improvement

  • Employees use a variety of softwares and vendors from their PCs
  • The conference room is used for in-person meetings but rarely for omnichannel conferencing
  • The business network is limited to the city in which it is located
  • You would use web conferencing, but you are afraid the quality will be too poor to get any real work done


If any of these sound familiar, then you are definitely in the right place. Below, we’ll discuss some of the challenges of putting together business-grade conferencing, as well as the low-cost technologies that are bringing advanced solutions to within reach of small and mid-sized companies.

Challenges of Building a Web Conferencing Solution

Many businesses have spent at least some time and attention on their conferencing solution, so why is it that the above symptoms persist?

Clear Audio

Clear Audio

To really bring your business anywhere in the world, you need to turn a conference room into a studio. Microphones need to pick up voices from any speaker, and everyone needs to be able to see and hear the other callers. Audio both to and from the room needs to be crystal clear.

This is a fundamental challenge of web conferencing that has either mandated significant expense or led to solutions that seemed workable but went unused.

User Interface: Creating a hard-to-use system is easy. Simple systems take some more thought

User Interface: Creating a hard-to-use system is easy. Simple systems take some more thought

Many businesses have tried to enhance their communications, but they never become adept at using the conference room due to overly complex interface. “OK Important Client, we need to switch to video now to show you our presentation. Let’s get Ted in here to hook up the right cables. I can never remember which one I’m supposed to use…”   

The above scenario is not user error; it’s designer error. You don’t want to find remotes and get them on the right inputs. You don’t want to put all the brainpower into making your communications work. And the fact is, regardless of how powerful you could become with professional conferencing, your team isn’t willing to use a complex system — even if they are aerospace engineers.

Unique Needs

Unique Needs

How large is your conference room? Do you need gorgeous high-frame-rate graphics, or will audio be adequate in most cases? Every business is different, and solutions that work well in some situations will break in others. This means that a workable solution will be customized to fit specific needs and requirements. Cookie cutter doesn’t cut it because a poor solution will go unused.

Difficult to Troubleshoot

Difficult to Troubleshoot

The last all-too-common reason why the current conferencing solution is inadequate is that something misfired, and no one knows how to make it work again. Even if a system can be repaired, how long does the repair take?

Communications are a utility, not a luxury. Any business-grade system will deliver reliability and resiliency, so everyone comes to rely on it.

A Modern-Day (but Sci-Fi Looking) Conferencing Solution

All the components of “sci-fi” conferencing are available now and at a much lower cost than even five years ago. You just need to put them together in the right way to serve your business.

We suggest beginning with a robust discovery phase. Ask your employees what they might use the conference room for if they could have anything in the list below:

  • Wired presentation
  • Wireless presentation
  • Cloud managed solution — remote troubleshooting, management and repair
  • Real-time collaboration and red-lining — great for contracts
  • Content sharing
  • Multi-purpose switching — Adapt the room for video, audio, or presentation at the push of a button
  • On-table controller capable of dimming lights, display, hvac and other features
  • Integrated audio
  • Wearable microphones
  • Room scheduler integrated with your business calendar
  • Overhead microphones and speakers for surround sound and voice

Ask them to state how that purpose would add real business value. There might be some less obvious use cases that you haven’t considered but would help drive serious business growth.

Next Steps

We hope we have impressed upon you a new vision of business communications. Technology has finally reached a point where any business can collaborate across borders, and we’re proud to play a part in that transformation, whether you choose us or someone else.

Convergence Solutions designs friendly, customized conference systems. Many telecommunications companies focus on cloud services to the exclusion of on-premise hardware installations. At Convergence, we take a broader approach so that we can make a real difference in our clients’ workspaces.

Our mission is to guide companies through the convergence of communications systems — of voice, video and data networks, and also of personal and work lives — to provide more efficient and enriching ways of doing business.

Barb Peck

I can’t say enough good things about Convergence!  Steve, Paul, Laura and the entire Convergence Solutions team make every effort to be friendly and helpful while taking care of our needs.  They are knowledgeable, patient, and kind.  The initial set up and implementation of our phone system several years ago was flawless, and they have continued to update and maintain as needed.  We’ve had our voice mail go down on a weekend, and they are always accessible.  I was leaving to go out of town recently and emailed a last minute change order.  I wasn’t clear with my request, and Paul tracked me down on my cell phone to clarify the instructions so he could put the change in place that day.  We are truly thankful to all of them!

Barb Peck
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Why Convergence Cloud

Unlimited Calling

The telecom industry is moving too slowly. Why nickle-and-dime you over minutes when it’s all just data?

Convergence Cloud delivers unlimited local or long-distance minutes. Every one of our plans are inclusive with no additional items costs.

Friendly Customer Support Based in Denver

As a Denver business, we are in the neighborhood to support you as much or as little as you need. If VoIP is new to you, our service representatives can take you through the process, so you know your communications will go uninterrupted.

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