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Noninvasive Covid Security Systems for Business

Businesses can feel torn between protecting their employees’ health and making customers feel welcome. Modern security systems passively scan temperature to provide a noninvasive way to support fine-tuned security policies. Learn how to choose. 

Covid Security Systems Combine Security and Convenience 

No matter what solution you choose, we want you to walk away with the industry knowledge to make the best decision for your business.

Covid-19 has led to some quick innovations in business security systems over the last few months. We have seen many “new vendors” entering the space, as well, which can be a concern, especially where your security is at stake. To choose the right vendor you want to ask the right questions and understand how this technology has developed so rapidly in these last few months. 

We’ll share our approach to the market that ultimately led us to an industry-leading solution. Along the way we hope to share some knowledge and best practices, so that you can make an informed decision and end up with a product that meets your needs. 

Choosing a Covid-19 Security System for Your Business

All of the underlying technology behind a Covid-19 security solution existed in January 2020, but it was developed across multiple verticals. On the one hand you had access control systems; on the other there were biometric scanners for temperature. The best Covid-19 security systems will come from either a collaboration of two companies each specializing in one of these fields, or ideally you could find a company that develops and manufactures both. 


Biometric Scanners to detect temperature quickly, accurately, and non-invasively

The best Covid-19 security solution will offer accurate temperature readings within a second or two and ideally not require close contact with the individual. We have seen dental practices use touch sensors, but these are not ideal because they require close contact, and they can feel more invasive than many businesses would like. 

The best biometric scanners we have seen support automatic detection from within 18 inches of the camera/scanner and within .6 degrees Fahrenheit. These are combined with more typical access control measures, such as key fob or facial imaging, to allow passive scanning of temperature along with any additional security parameters.  

Again, the technology is not new. The recombination of temperature scans and security solutions is new. Again, for businesses with these technologies already in place, recombining them to bring covid-19 security solutions to the market within 4 months is certainly rapid progress. But it is possible to bring professional, streamlined solutions in this timeframe. 

Combining biometric scanning with deep control over security protocols

The other 99% of security system technology has developed in recent years, but it is not what you would call new or theoretical. We have had facial recognition, key access, and cloud-driven security management for some time. 

The most visionary access control solutions have merged temperature-controlled access with existing protocols and delivered it all via convenient management software. This allows you to set your own parameters and protocols. Let’s say you want to avoid confronting a symptomatic customer in the waiting room, where they might feel embarrassed to be turned away. Plenty of security solutions allow you to set alerts without impeding access. Simply have the alert sent to the designated personnel who will take the customer aside and deliver the right message in the right environment. 

Every business is different, with different customer relationships and different expectations. So the kind of control you can achieve with security system management software is important. These solutions could not possibly have been developed within the last few months, so we highly recommend choosing a vendor with a long history in security technology.

Recommendation: ZKTeco Speedface Series

We have surveyed the market since the onset of the pandemic, and ZKTeco Speedface Series is our preferred solution for Covid-19 access control systems. Researched and manufactured in the US for the last 20 years, ZKTeco technology provides the right hardware and software to support a customer-friendly and health-safe business security system. 

Before the pandemic they were building biometric scanners and security systems. Their innovation was to modify existing solutions for Covid-19 support. 

  • SF1008-WP → SF1008+
  • SF1005-V → SF1005-V+ 

Business Security System Installation

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