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What Will Microsoft and Metaswitch Bring to SMB Telecom?

Three quarters after the acquisition of Metaswitch, Microsoft is promising offerings that meld traditional telecom and UCaaS for businesses of all sizes. 

First a bit of context. 2020 saw explosive growth in cloud solutions. But interestingly not UCaaS. Everything from Zoom to Grubhub saw at least significant, and in some cases astronomical growth. Zoom stock price rose from $100 to $370 a share alone. 

Driven by the need to enable remote work, many businesses turned to cloud services, initially, as a temporary solution. However market sentiment indicates that a more distributed workplace is here to stay. 

A Gartner survey of company leaders found that 80% plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time after the pandemic, and 47% will allow employees to work from home full-time.*

A PwC survey of 669 CEOs confirmed these results, concluding that 78% agree that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long-term.

This would suggest that UCaaS will follow in Zoom’s footsteps in 2021 as businesses turn their short-term commitment to the cloud into a long-term telecom solution.

Deploying modern telephony requires careful planning. That is challenging especially with executives holding their breath, unsure of when and under what conditions the world will return to normal. With most businesses planning a hybrid return to work, many will be looking for more permanent solutions.

What does permanent remote work look like?

In terms of end user functionality, 2020 saw employees grapple with free and freemium mobile applications. In 2021 we expect businesses to shift toward integrated phone service that enables employees to call with their mobile device but through the business telecom service.

That is precisely where Microsoft and Metaswitch come in. 


* “Gartner Survey Reveals 82% of Company Leaders Plan to Allow Employees.” Gartner, 14 July 2020,
** “How Businesses can emerge stronger” PwC, 2020.

Just in Time: Merging VoIP and UCaaS for SMBs

The primary differentiator that Metaswitch brings to Microsoft is the ability to take the Teams UCaaS platform and customize it to client specifications. 

Out of the box, Teams is ideal for enterprise, not many SMBs. Metaswitch’s MaX UC platform has always been designed to enable service providers (like Convergence Solutions) to create customized solutions that better meet the needs of their customers. Thus, merging these two technologies brings the sophisticated feature set of Teams with the customization level that can support any business.

Why We’re So Excited about MaX UC + Teams

MaX UC brings excellence in three new areas to Microsoft Teams. 

  1. Its diversity of applications ensures that needs can be met with the right products. 
  2. The platform supports the widest possible range of requirements, spanning regulatory, emergency, billing, mobility, E911, authentication and infrastructure. Providers are free to build and scale custom solutions as private, hybrid or public cloud.
  3. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Solution — Microsoft can now offer a competitive CCaS
  4. Native mobile UCaaS and Direct Routing. As with most cloud solutions, Microsoft has deployed telecom to mobile via applications and web apps, but some users have left these “on the side.” MaX services can manage all possible endpoints — from mobile, Plain Ole’ Telephone Service (POTS) to applications — as a unified business deployment.    

Last year Teams was a standout solution for any business but especially enterprise…. With a few caveats. Merging with Metaswitch fills in the gaps with the equivalent of a nitro power boost. Now every SMB can experience the progressive feature set of Teams but as an integrated telecom solution.

Can you tell we are excited to help SMBs create industry-leading solutions?! We are. If you have any questions about customizing this product, please email us for more information.

How You Can Level Up Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams + MaX

At Convergence Solutions we help our customers deliver industry-leading communications solutions to solve real-world problems. If you are a small or mid-sized organization that wants to provide better ways for employees to collaborate with each other and with their customers, then we would love to help you design and deploy that next-level infrastructure.

If you have any questions about how your business can use Teams to drive efficiency, productivity and growth, please email us for more information.

Bob Conway

Convergence Solutions was incredibly helpful to me when I joined my firm. Convergence had long managed our Telecomm PBX and handset equipment so I turned to them to help our full office renovations. Once our immediate phone relocation and wiring needs were handled promptly and professionally by the Convergence team, I found we were using a variety of unrelated vendors to manage our voice, conference call, IP Phones, and internet services. It was clear there was a lot to improve upon in terms of service, price and quality with this confederacy of dunces, so I stopped to talk with Steve Solton about our overall communications infrastructure.  After a brief discussion, it was apparent Convergence were experts on more than just the PBX in my back room, they began to identify our network server and port issues, suggested solid state industry enhancements, AV Conferencing solutions and  much more.  We are implementing many of these ‘Convergence’ solutions presently, none of which are minor, but all which are being expertly handled.

Bob Conway
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