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Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

Our plans are cost-effective and designed for small businesses. We don’t nickle-and-dime you over local or long-distance minutes.


National Support

National Support

Denver based telecom serving small and midsize national businesses. We provide all the support you need and give you all the control you want.


High-Quality Voice and Video

High-Quality Voice and Video

Our network delivers multiple levels of redundancy to provide high-definition, multi-media communications wherever you want to go.


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Convergence Solutions was incredibly helpful to me when I joined my firm. Convergence had long managed our Telecomm PBX and handset equipment so I turned to them to help our full office renovations. Once our immediate phone relocation and wiring needs were handled promptly and professionally by the Convergence team, I found we were using a variety of unrelated vendors to manage our voice, conference call, IP Phones, and internet services. It was clear there was a lot to improve upon in terms of service, price and quality with this confederacy of dunces, so I stopped to talk with Steve Solton about our overall communications infrastructure.  After a brief discussion, it was apparent Convergence were experts on more than just the PBX in my back room, they began to identify our network server and port issues, suggested solid state industry enhancements, AV Conferencing solutions and  much more.  We are implementing many of these ‘Convergence’ solutions presently, none of which are minor, but all which are being expertly handled.

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Kaplan Kirsch Rockwell
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